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    Annual yoga festival helps put Indones

    When it comes to relaxing the body, nothing does it better than yoga. And Indonesia is promoting itself as an attractive yoga destination. Thousands of people from all over the country recently atten

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    The Biggest Myth About Meditation

    Do you long for a quiet mind? Do you want to calm the chaos in your head? If you’re at all like me, it can be hard to turn down the volume. No doubt, we live complex lives. I wonder if our minds

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    16 Signs That Tell The World You’re In

    Okay, so you can’t define a yogi. We’re a diverse and eclectic breed and come in all shapes and sizes. Individuality aside, you’ve gotta admit, there are some fairly obvious signs that help you spot

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    8 Benefits of Yoga For Kids

    Yoga has become quite mainstream for adults in recent years, but have we ever considered sharing the practice with our children? Yoga can benefit kids significantly, and in some ways, possibly ev