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16 Signs That Tell The World You’re Into Yoga
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Okay, so you can’t define a yogi. We’re a diverse and eclectic breed and come in all shapes and sizes. Individuality aside, you’ve gotta admit, there are some fairly obvious signs that help you spot a yogi a mile off.

Check out the list below and see how many of these signs are true for you!

1. You Own More Than One Mat, So You Actually Have Colour Options

2. You Have The Full Moon Cycle Tattooed On Your Back

3. You Start Seeing Postures In Strange Places

4. You Start Doing Postures In Strange Places.

5. You No Longer Daydream, You Meditate

6. You Create Or Share Inspirational Yoga Posters On Facebook

7. And You Agree With This One

8. All Written Correspondence Now Ends With Love and Light

9. You Love Green Smoothies

10. Tequila Shots Are Out. Wheatgrass Shots Are In

11. You Can List At Least 5 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

12. You Are So Into Hugs

13. You Are A Complete Sucker For Anything That Contains The Word Organic

14. You’re Happy To Tell Everyone How You’re Feeling. You Know, Energetically

15. You Have Replaced Your Regular Jewelry With Mala Beads And/Or Pendants With The OM Symbol

16. Supermodels Don’t Inspire You. She Does

…and She Does Too.

How many did you relate to?

0-7 Ah, the well disguised yogi…
8-14 It’s obvious to some people that you’re into yoga, and the others just know you as having agood energy.
15+ The ultimate yogi. People sometimes stop you in the street and ask you questions about yoga. Congratulations, you are well and truly giving off the ‘modern yogi’ vibe!

Have we missed any obvious signs?