2014-11 24
Annual yoga festival helps put Indonesia on the map
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When it comes to relaxing the body, nothing does it better than yoga. And Indonesia is promoting itself as an attractive yoga destination. Thousands of people from all over the country recently attended a yoga festival to try out different yoga styles under the instruction of internationally acclaimed yoga teachers.

A three-day international yoga festival drew thousands of participants, and the event brought together celebrity yoga teachers from around the globe, including the United States, Canada, Australia and Russia.

More than 50 different yoga classes were on offer, and participants spend from US$70 to US$300 to take part in different classes.

Yoga's origin can be traced back to a form of Hindu spiritual discipline; in recent years, the yoga movement has evolved from its traditional meditative roots to a popular form of physical exercise. This can be seen in a wide variety of yoga classes that are available for the public.

Festival director Anita Boentarman said yoga has become increasingly popular among Indonesians in the last six years. She believes that holding a high-profile yoga festival in Jakarta will help put the capital city on the map as a yoga destination and promote yoga tourism in Indonesia.

A popular yoga movement in the capital is vinyasa yoga, which aims to create a unique experience for each practitioner and to find an advanced sense of awareness about each person's body.
Vinyasa yoga teacher Patrick Beach said awareness of oneself is important for people living in a bustling metropolitan city like Jakarta.

Indonesia looks set to become an important yoga destination in the region. It already hosts two major yoga festivals, in Jakarta and Bali, every year.

There are also plans to introduce yoga as extracurricular activities in some high schools in Bali in the near future. By CCTV